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Toxic Madness

Formed July 14th, 2021, Toxic Madness’ electrifying live shows and their new brand of hardcore punk have quickly earned them a reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) venues as exciting in the punk scene.

Following the release of the seven-track EP “Live, Laugh, Love” on July 15th, 2022,  in September 2022, the song I'm Hardcore was feature on Loud and Local on 97.1 The Eagle (now The Freak) help the group exploded onto the punk scene and began playing live shows around the DFW area. 

Taking influence from contemporaries such as Danzing, Samhain, The Misfits, Circle Jerks, Nirvana, Bad Brains, Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Doors, Black Flag, and many more, the group has been refining their sound and creating new ways to express what they feel and what they’ll bring to the local punk scene. 

Performing in support of Touring  and Power House Locals acts has become a well-rehearsed routine for other bands. From warming the stage for ; The Schizophonics, Cardiel, Ladrones, Tyrant, Kicking, Valentin, Tryingtogetby, Shehehe,  Ayria,  Public Serpents

Bullet Machine, Hen and the Cocks, The  Wee-Beasties, Noggy,  American Shit Storm, The Scandals,  at venues such as Whisky A Go Go, Threelinks, Kensington Club, Growl, Rubber Gloves, Cheap Steak, Killer's Tacos, Dr. Jerckylls, Big Rob's. 

The band  has maintained a reliable and consistent line up. Currently we are in the process of creating new music  including originals and covers, with plans for its released 2024.

Line Up

Lead Vocals/ Diogenes "DJ" Negron-Forsythe

Lead Guitars, Back Up Vocals/ Noah Dial

Drums, Back uU Vocals/ Eddie Rubalcaba

Bass, Back, Behind The Back/ Aidan Reed



Line Up

From the beginning TXM have used  couple fill in musician till recently were we have found the energy, chemistry within  every member. 

DJ Negron-Forsythe 

Lead Vocalist

Eddie Rubalcava


Aidan Reid 


Noah Dial

Lead Guitar





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